Where I tick off some boxes in my New Year’s Resolution

I take it as a small luxury the way I still have some time to write down some of my thoughts online. I don’t remember the last time I wrote anything for myself, except those scattered thoughts on Twitter and those ubiquitous #hashtags on Insta-gratification photo sharing site. But I’m trying to change things this year. 


Boxing.  Me, Kenneth and some officemates have been going to the boxing gym together. It’s a challenge doing it lately because of the summer heat, so bothersome that Dino has christened it “Bikram Boxing”. I get to take my mind off things for a huge chunk of the day, staying there for 4 hours on average. It’s also time for everyone to catch up  because we tend to take a lot of breaks, especially when our trainer coaxes us to do the speedball, where he can barely see us. Heh. I think I just do 3 minutes of that and then I just keep watching Ina, Kapatid, Anak on the common TV area (updated sa showbiz happenings). I take the weightlifting seriously tho, but sometimes I get frustrated I don’t lose enough weight (~body image problems~). I know I’ve built some muscles but I’m still at that stupid phase where I think I can be stick thin.

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