Ray Stanford, Dinosaur trackerWhat I’ve found here is the back footprint of a large armored dinosaur called a nodosaur.  

This is really quite a rare find. Nodasaur tracks are not often found.  

There are some out west, and up in British Columbia in Canada.  But we don’t have a whole lot of them in the US. And this is one of the few I’ve found out here in Maryland, in the Eastern United States.  

The most thrilling thing about finding this one — I’ve found other nodosaur tracks — but what really thrilled me about this one was because I found it at Goddard Space Flight Center.  

And I love the paradox!

Here is space scientists, and they walk along here, and they’re walking exactly where this big bungling, heavy, armored dinosaur walked, maybe a hundred and ten, a hundred and twelve million years ago. -CNN